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Fourth Year of the Blog


Hey There Readers and Fellow Sailors,

A couple of days away from the official End of Summer, and things are starting to slow down a bit at the charter office.  The Wet Wednesday races are over, and the Webcapt. came in fourth overall for the season.  We'll do better next year I hope.

Been finding some time to do some other races lately and doing pretty OK, just need to keep working on it (the boat and my tactics, I'm afraid).  The last race was a double-handed ~18 mile course around Platform Gilda, Gina and finish.  Rather eerie since the whole thing was in the fog and we really were glad the GPS was working.  We beat an Islander 29 that happens to have the same rating as us, but got beat by a couple of much faster, higher pointing boats.  Wish I could figure out how to make the Ranger 23 go better downwind.  Guess I need to start racing spinnaker class.

Business is still going great- we just added a 1994 Hunter 29.5 and we'll be getting a late model Hunter 37.5 in a couple of weeks.  Soon we'll have an "All Hunter" fleet but that's OK, people love 'em.

Going to try to go to Oregon next month and see the kids and friends, so that will be something to look forward to.

All for now, keep warm and dry decks!

7/1/02? OK, OK, so it's been awhile... guilty as charged I guess.   It's not that I'm lazy, just that I don't get around to things as often as I should!

So here it is Summer, and things are Really Busy at my job with Marina Sailing, but I'm finding time to share a few thoughts anyway.  And not on company time, by the way.

It is really gratifying to see the fruits of my dedicated labor at work finally starting to really show results in a way nobody could miss.

The little fleet of semi-brokedown boats I inherited when I started at Marina Sailing has grown to a really nice fleet of well-cared-for yachts.   I'm not going to tell you nothing ever goes wrong with any of them, that would be bull.  The fact is, though, they are all in good shape and everything works.  I would have loved to be able to say that 3 years ago.

The really gratifying thing is that most of the boats in the fleet have been put there by members of the sailing club who really believe in me and that their boats will be cared for properly.

We've just added a 2001 Hunter 420, and today I learned we will be getting a 2000 Hunter 38 in about a month.  If every member came through with the boats they have suggested they might buy, I'll have a few new Catalina 34's and a Catalina 320.

Life is good when one can actually make good on a few basic goals, like being honest and delivering what one promises.  It amazes me how rare these things are these days.

Love and Happy Sailing



Ahoy, and all that,

Biggest news is that the certificate finally came from the Coast Guard, and yours truly has finally become an official "Master of sail, power, or steam vessels 50 tons or less on near coastal waters, also authorized to engage in commercial assistance towing".


Did my first skippered charter on Monday out to Anacapa Island, where our passengers wanted to scatter their parents ashes. It seems the parents had spent their honeymoon there in 1946 at the lighthouse keeper's house, and last Monday would have been their anniversary.  Pretty cool of the kids to do that, I thought.

Other news is the launching of Significant Other's 40' wooden cutter after 2 years in the shipyard, and she's floating!  So is the boat!   This is a beautiful boat that Priscilla bought as a bare hull 9 years ago, with nothing but tanks and engine installed.  She is a professional woodworker, and had already restored a 26' wood sailboat, so she figured she could do this.  Now the boat is at that "90% done, 90% left to do" stage, but the light is there at the end of the tunnel, somewhere.  You can see pictures of the boat at FionaPics elsewhere on this web site.

While you're looking at pics, check out the Ranger 23 at StriderPics.

Hope all is well with you, and Spring is Springing nicely toward some good sailing for you.

Fair Winds,



Howdy Sailors,

I know, I know, a year is kind of a long time between updates.  No, I didn't die, I just...I don't know, got reeeal lazy?

Anyway, last time I told you it would be a month or two until the CG Captain's license, well, a year later, it may get here by the end of the week.  I'm sitting on pins and needles in anticipation/dread that I may not get it.   I did have that little DWI several years ago, etc, etc.

I'll let you know.

Otherwise it's been a great year.  The charter business has been growing like a weed- new members and new boats in the fleet like you wouldn't believe.  It's hard for me to believe it, and I'm there every day.

Personally, I've been on a new program of weight loss and personal training that have resuted in a 100# plus weight loss and a much healthier body.   The 6:00 am run on the beach for an hour is always tough to get up for, but, like banging your head against the wall, feels great when it's over.

I hope you are well and looking forward to a great sailing season.  I went out for a little 4 hour sail last Monday- it was beautiful.

Talk to you sooner than a year, promise,