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drawing of the pond layout

click on these to see bigger images- pics of the new settling chamber

new sc

another view sc

berm view

skimmer drawing

begin waterfall


next step

level and secure

with runoff support

from across the pond

zoom from across

straight view of waterfall

old and new 

after one day

fish having brekkie

redone filterfalls

full frontal view


cutting tubes

First DIY Bakki Shower idea- looked tippy and dangerous

pond and fish 001.JPG (2459739 bytes)

this looks more like it, lower two crates are empty, just for support, then lava rock, bio-balls in the top ones, water goes through blue mat to disperse the flow, then drips down.

more pond and koi 003.JPG (1979486 bytes)

another view, showing the well-distributed drip pattern.  Bacteria should love it!

more pond and koi 009.JPG (1692097 bytes)

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