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More Barra and Tenecatita

Busy day at Tenacatita

Karen's mini dog Easy

Crashed in a tupperware box

Easy rider

One more Alondra sunset

Small lagoon in front of the Grand Bay Hotel

Barra entrance

Honkin' wind

Chyna is the best bartender

Jules with Dingle

Buddy Lem taking a quick nap

Piper and Jules at the birthday party

Buddy Steve, captain of Alsumar

Barbara with Barbara

Getting ready to load Lana's boat onto the Dockwise Transport ship in Lazaro Cardenas

Last year, Lana's boat loaded in Lazaro Cardenas for the trip to Vancouver

Watching the sunset on Sunset Beach

More Piper's birthday

Piper with Ron

Towing Buddy ashore on the boogie board

Almost there

Just before the wipeout

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