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Sydney North to Bundy

Some more views from our Sydney Pad

Still wearing a dressing over it...

you can see our hotel reflected...

'merkin warships in town

Famous Bondi Beach

sharkproof bathing pool

one of Sydney's bays

driving over The Coathanger

Kerry and John's weekender at Wangi Wangi

Tony (John's brother) and Janet's Wangi Wangi home across the street

Lake Macquarie campsite, at the end of the WangiWangi peninsula

Lots of boats call the lake home

Mr. Kookaburra really does laugh!

Rose garden at Rosche Family property

Indian Curry Garden- really smelled good

Moon door into Oriental Garden

Red bellied Brown snake- can kill you dead

More gardens, good thing we took the buggy tour, I couldn't have walked it.

Formal Garden

Storybook Garden

Jack and Jill doing their thing down the hill

Cool Pagoda

Us having fun

Barb and Kerry, who took us to the gardens and the wineries, what a good friend.

View of Hunter Valley, lotsa wineries!


had just closed down a week or two ago

view back toward Byron Bay

Byron Bay is to the left

view from our place-note the barbie set-up for guests

The middle deck was ours

These goofy birds are everywhere- Ibis?

View of the bay and lighthouse- easternmost point of Australia

Note the hills she's pointing to!

The Coolest Place We've Ever Stayed (Bargara)

(2)Bedrooms and (2)baths off to the left.

Looks almost normal in bright sun, eh? No more dressings.

Relaxing at the combo Boarding Kennel/Bed and Breakfast - our good friends Peter and May's house.

Capt. Peter and May Charles

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