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Health and Medical Links

After being out there for a couple of seasons, the need for sailors to have proper training and supplies for medical needs has become apparent.  This page will feature marine medical kit providers, training providers, and insurance providers for the mariner.

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bullet MedicalOfficer.Net, Ltd.- providers of training and supplies for the offshore voyager
bullet Alayne and Alec Main share the outline for the first aid talk they give, and the contents of their medical kit for those who would like to save money and assemble their own.
bullet Cruising Medical Kit- by Mark Anderson M.D.  This site specifies the contents of a really good onboard kit if you want to put your own together.  Really a great resource.
bullet Marine Medical- great kits in Pelican-type boxes
bullet Adventure Medical Kits- sell ultralight, watertight kits. 
bullet The Survival Center- sells emergency dental kits, EMT-type first aid kits and a kit that will allow you to perform minor surgery if necessary...
bullet Global Medical Systems- worldwide medical consultation "Our services include physician consultation, training of lay medical providers, pharmaceutical and medical kit design and supply. Access to physician consultation services is available 24 hours a day. "
bullet Practical Offshore First Aid and Medical Kits- offer a two day intensive course in Port Stanley, Ontario, Canada, and a state of the art medical kit.
bullet Survival Suppliers Marine series kits
bullet SeaMedic advanced modular marine medical kits
bullet International Health Insurance- a Danish company
bullet International Health "International Health has taken the hassle out of buying international medical insurance - offering you exceptional coverage at affordable prices."
bullet Legend Travelers Insurance- affordable plans
bullet Lifeboat Medical Insurance- worldwide coverage
bullet e-Global Health Insurers- offer a special marine crew medical and health insurance.
bulletBill Dietrich´s medical information for cruisers is a huge page of very useful information
bullet Fish Food- a good treatise on prevention and cure of seasickness written by Prudence Mead and published in Pilothouse magazine
bullet Recognizing skin cancer (melanoma) from UC Davis
bulletMy Electronic an online free self-screening
bullet Advancedhearing - Enjoy the fullness of life's adventures Information on hearing. Solutions for hearing in a wet environment. Discounts on hearing aids, batteries, and quick repair of all aids.

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