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Stories, Logs, Blogs, and Misc.

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Here you'll find websites of cruisers, with their logs and stories, plus other sites I found hard to categorize...

Sites with lots of sailing blogs:

bulletMyHomeHarbor is a free member controlled site that gives both the racing and cruising sailor their own website with a wide variety of specialized tools.
bulletTripSailor- nice site with sailing blogs
bulletSailblogs-a free service for cruisers, racers, sailors in general
bulletCruiser Log- a site for weblogs of cruisers, featuring free websites and hosting
bulletGuide to Sailing and Cruising Stories -- We're dedicated to bringing you the best stories on sailing and cruising available on the Internet. offers free websites and log hosting for cruisers. 


Individual Cruiser's Websites:

bulletSail Billabong- beautiful pics and well written stories of Chris and KT's continuing adventures sailing around the world.
bulletLog of the Moira- South Pacific adventures and interesting philosophy in one web site
bulletAround Vancouver Island -- An entertaining story about circumnavigating Vancouver Island, British Columbia in the S.V. Patience
bulletSponsored by the Wind- Paul, a sailing musician and his mate Vivian say "We are sailing around the world, organizing concerts wherever we stop. We have limited resources and only with our biggest sponsor, the Wind, this is possible."
bulletAhea Kali- Michael and Rene Ditton set sail in their Fuji 45 after a few year?s total refit.
bulletBlindSailing- Pam and Scott, both legally blind, sail their boat Tournesol arond the world.  San Francisco to Mexico and then Tonga, on their way to New Zealand now.
bulletBumfuzzle- a young couple learn as they sail their catamaran around the world.
bulletFluid Adventures- "sailing with a purpose, delivering projects to remote island communities around the world!
bulletLog of the Katie Lee- Larry and Trinda are sailing the Pacific on their Passport 45.
bulletS/V Mandolin-A Cal 34 does Mexico and the Puddle Jump
bullets/v Sereia- Peter and Antonia are currently welcoming their new crewmember in Wangarei, New Zealand.
bulletWindscape's Odyssey- account of a 7 year adventure across the Atlantic and through the Med.
bulletWhistler Adventures
bulletThe Adventures of the S/V Final Straw Mexico to Oz
bulletLogs of Siesta- from Pacific Northwest to Florida
bulletSailing solo across the Atlantic -This is the story of a single-handed cruise from Bermuda to the Azores, by someone who did not have much experience, but fulfilled his dream...
bulletVoyage of the Markenurh - a great narrative by a man who really got the docklines cut, now a 20,000 word narrative
bulletKaren Thorndike's Story -A two year solo circumnavigation on a 36' cutter to become the first American woman to successfully circle the globe in open ocean and south of the 5 great capes.
bulletSula Adventures- Hi There!  This site is all about our adventures onboard our 53' Hallberg-Rassy sailing vessel 'Sula'.
bulletDiary of a Mad Galley Wench -- Report of a cruise to the Bahamas
bullets/v Winpipe- Beneteau 361
bulletBarry & Pat Gaudin -- Follow the 2 year circumnavigation of Spellbinder 1 and Pacifica '97 beginning April 20, 1997
bulletGiovanni Soldini -- Web site of Italian solo-navigator
bulletSecret of Life- lots of Mexico adventures since 1999
bulletDesiderata-Welcome to the McConnell Family Web site!
bulletS/V Hetty Brace- stories of living aboard and getting ready to cruise on a Nicholson 32
bulletBJ Caldwell"s Solo Circumnavigation
bulletSailing on Kialoa -- Cruising on Kialoa 2 with her owner and his family.
bulletSquiz Floats -chronicles the voyage of Alan Anderson's sailboat (named Squiz) along the west coast of North America and in the Caribbean (from June 2001 to May 2004).
bulletS/V Felicity-Welcome to the virtual home of Felicity, a 31' sailboat from Seattle that has cruised across the Pacific.
bulletSalty Sailors- Logs, along with loads of articles, videos, recipes, products and services for those living on a cruising sailboat or those who dream.
bulletSirena -- Personal sailing page of Team Sirena. The boat is a 44 ft. sloop racing primarily on Long Island Sound
bulletCruiser Log- The Webmaster and his wife cruised aboard their own cruising yacht [Seerose], a 44' steel ketch, for five years and realized the need for a 'one-stop' boating resource where cruising sailors (and those in armchairs who 'dream' of the open ocean) can find as much information as possible on cruising, sailing, circumnavigating or crewing offshore.


Miscellaneous Sailing Web Sites:

bulletSail Texas- a website of interest to sailors who live in the southern and southwestern US
bullet dinghy imageCruising Dinghies and Trailer Sailers- a great U.K. site about the joys of smaller sailboats
bulletSailing Web- Options for sailors with disabilities
bulletThe World of Ferroboats- about the history, building and buying of Ferro-cement boats


bulletRegatta Diaries- "re-live the watery trials of Harlan Leslie, Doc Farto and his crew as they transit the Gulf Coast in search of bullets, broads and bushwackers aboard his 39?Gulfstar Sailmaster, Cash Bar" had a hard time categorizing this one- lots of different stuff here!
bulletCall me Fishmeal
bulletSailnow- a website from the San Francisco Bay
bulletEileen Quinn sings songs for sailors, and even normal people!
bulletSailing Greek Islands- a beautifully done site with a fantastic coastal navigation course for free.
bulletBill Serjeant's Micro-Sailboat Page- the many Thoreau-ian benefits (for your wallet and the eco-system) to thinking small.  Micro even. "the site where sailing answers are just a mouse click away." -mostly for sale, but some free stuff...
bulletTim & Flying Tadpole====
Light Schooner Website  Links to pages about Square Boats, Bolger Boats, and lots of great photos 
bulletDebra and Bill Thompson survive  Hurricane Floyd!
bulletBadLatitude- a "travelogue site based around sailing, with video, pictures and regular logs."

bulletJohn?s Sailing Web-


bulletStrangebird- a Catalina 42 cruises Mexico describes things we have learned about long distance cruising and ocean passage making, including, boat modifications, safety, navigation, weather and crew considerations.
bulletGib Sea 24 called I?m Out
bulletA Great Tall Ship Page- from New Jersey scuba diver site
bulletAdventure Potato- continuing stories of Captain Duct Tape
bulletLa Otra- Mike and Lindsey are currently in La Paz.  Lots of good logs of various adventures.
bulletPatiCat?s google earth log and track... really cool if you plan to cruise the Caribbean
bulletPiper Lovers Bar in Barra de Navidad, Jalisco, Mexico   "The Best"
bulletMotorsailers and Motorsailing- a great page about "crabcrushers"
bulletChasamba- A Van der Staadt 36 travels across the seas
bulletCatherine Price- "It's a diary of me doing a Yachtmaster Basic Traineeship course with Flying Fish that I started in November in Cowes. I head to Sydney on 17th January for the 2nd part. I also hope to grow the site by including other peoples anecdotes and stories of their training experiences."
bulletUSA 6.50 - a story about Drew Wood's mini transat campaign
bulletAttainable Adventure Cruising, High Latitude Sailing, Morganscloud-
bulletSailing Vessel Promise This is the homepage of s/v Promise an 8-ton Willard World Cruiser.
bulletNautical Emporium-Your source for everything nautical. We have tons of useful information about sailboats of every kind, living aboard, Our Blog, boat repairs, and everything else nautical.
bulletA Free Gallery -sailing photos from Lake Rekyva, Siauliai. Lithuania.  Lots of ice sailing there!
bulletYacht Talk- a site for general info, blogs, etc.  "Around the world, or around the lake.  Share your passion."

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