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Online Sailing Forums 

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bulletLatitudes and Attitudes - a cruisers forum
bulletLaserForum- Laser sailors unite
bulletCruiser Log Forum
bullet Renegade Cruisers- a branch off from Lats and Atts
bullet KYSC Sailing Forums
bullet Cruise News Sailing Forum Index- quite a few here
bullet Sail-Search Forum list several here
bullet Trailor Sailor Forums- very active, good forums
bullet Cruising World Forum- go for the old tree branch one
bullet Baja Cruiser´s Message board
bullet ASA (American Sailing Association) Forums
bulletSailing Anarchy- good, irreverent forums here- mostly race oriented but don't miss the Cruising Anarchy forum.
bullet CSBB Forum, replaces the old Cruising World one somewhat
bulletIsle of Sail- a new forum site with lots of topics
bullet Cruisers Forum- a good one I just found for specific topics
bullet Scuttlebutt Forum- another new one.
bulletSailingTalks- a new forum
bullet Boating Forums-Boat racing, boat building, and general boat discussions from boatingforumz

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